The All-New POM Mobile: Safety At Your Fingertips

Taking Safety to a New Level

We’re excited to introduce the all-new POM Mobile—the only self-contained safety device on the market that doesn’t require a phone or app to use.

With this new device comes exciting customer-driven features, performance improvements, and more data-driven insights to keep your employees safe with the tap of a button. 

The First Phone-Free Safety Device

In an emergency situation, you shouldn’t have to think. Or swipe. Or fumble with a phone. 

Unlike competitor devices that require an app to be open for use, POM Mobile is a completely self-contained safety solution with its own battery and standalone SIM card.

The POM app is there to customize your experience, but once the device is set up, you’ll never need it in an emergency situation.

By taking phones & apps out of the equation, POM Mobile reduces the steps between your employees and safety. 

Know Before You Go with the 360 Safety Network™

Our new, innovative 360 Safety Network™ combines a crowdsourced alert system with third-party safety data to alert users of danger based on their location.

This means your employees will know about potential danger areas, hot-spots, and safety concerns before they go out into the field. 

Users can report safety concerns to let others know what to expect, and receive notifications if they’re near a location that’s been flagged as potentially dangerous.

Your employees are never alone when they bring the POM 360 Safety Network™ with them.

Customize Your Safety Solution

Users can now fine-tune their POM device, bringing an already intuitive experience even closer to a simple reflex. By choosing which safety features are activated with one or two taps of a button, users can customize the device in a way that feels most natural to them.

And in an emergency situation, having one less thing to think about can make all the difference.

Powerful New Safety Features

We’ve added two new safety features to our already impressive lineup of functionality. With Appointment Sync™ and Check on Me™, the POM device has even more information about users’ schedules and location than ever before.

Appointment Sync™

Users can now sync their calendar with their device, sharing detailed information about their schedule that can be a game-changer when every second counts.

In an emergency, Appointment Sync™ lets first responders know exactly where to find you — even down to the floor and room. This critical feature can save valuable time and give users extra peace of mind.

Check on Me™

The new Check on Me™ feature is a quick way to say, “if you don’t hear from me by a certain time, I may need help.” 

When entering a new location or appointment, users can tap their device, and POM will call for help if they don’t confirm they’re safe in a certain amount of time.

Check on Me™ can also be configured to designate who gets notified when the feature is activated, giving users even more control over their experience.

Packed with new, customizable features and enhanced by the POM 360 Safety Network™, the all-new standalone POM Mobile stands alone among the competition.

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