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POM Safe
A personal safety device that delivers peace of mind when you need it most.

One tap to safety.

Three taps to

peace of mind.

A personal safety device that delivers peace of mind when you need it most.

Keeping you and your
organizations safe.

No fumbling with your phone, no miscommunications with 911: With the POM Safe device, you can deter, de-escalate, and dispatch help with just a single button.
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How POM Safe Works


Displaying a safety device reduces your viability as a target


Create a distraction with a fake phone call or text


Communicate with emergency help in real-time directly through the device

POM Safe Solutions

POM Safe Features

Auto Call or Text

Connect with a designated contact to check in or seek assistance. Configurable individually or pre-set company-wide.

Fake Call

Hold the button for 5 seconds, receive a call that allows you to excuse yourself from a situation.

Virtual Escort

Set a timer and an optional destination which will trigger an alert if not canceled.

Two-Way Speaker

Communicate with emergency help in-real time directly through the device.

Find Your POM Safe

Ring it from the app to find not just the POM Safe, but whatever it’s attached to.


Staff can check in and out appointments or shifts to provide precise location information (floor + room) in the event of an emergency. This can be enabled or disabled for company use.

POM Safe 3
Next Gen Device

Be proactive. Not reactive.

Speak with a POM Safe representative today to learn more about how you can proactively protect the people in your organization.

Trusted by Organizations

Loved by Users

Tim LeddyPresident/CEO, VNS Westchester

With the POM security device, we’re taking our staff safety program to the next level by embracing rapid response technology that will connect them to the critical aid they need when they need it.

Lauren DudasTravel Nurse

With the POM I feel more comfortable to go into neighborhoods I don’t know.

Raymond BessetteFormer Executive Director of Safety and Security, Husson University

One way or another, if someone needs a service from us, they're going to be calling us...directly on a phone or using this device. I would rather they use this device.

Mary ValentinePOM Safe User

It just makes you feel safe. You just hit a button and someone comes to help.

Tom BreenCollege Safety Officer

Every parent I’ve talked to is so thankful that our college offers the upper echelon of personal safety in POM.

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Stay tuned for updates on the next gen device, coming soon!

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    © 2016-2023 POM Partners Inc. All Rights Reserved.