Safety is as simple as the click of a button, whether it's for emergency help, deterring a threat, or calming a tense situation.

How POM Safe protects healthcare workers

Better data means better security.

Our new, innovative 360 Safety Network™ combines a crowdsourced alert system with third-party safety data to alert users of danger based on their location.

This means your employees will know about potential danger areas, hot-spots, and safety concerns before they go out into the field. 

Your employees are never alone when they bring the POM 360 Safety Network™ with them. 

Know before you go

“The POM helped save my life,” she said, admitting that getting to her phone during the emergency would’ve been impossible.

“There’s no way I could’ve gotten to my phone to dial 911.”

In a real-life case, a woman was attacked in her home. She reached into her pocket & activated her POM device, which connected her to emergency help. The dispatcher’s voice through the device startled the attacker, who fled and was later arrested. 

The best outcome in a potentially violent situation isn’t first responders being able to find you, it’s first responders not needing to be called in the first place. 

Not reactive.

Be proactive.

Trusted By

— Lauren, Travel Physical Therapist

"With the POM Safe I feel more comfortable to go into neighborhoods I don’t know. If it gets uncomfortable, the Fake Phone Call helps me to get out discreetly."