Safety is as simple as the click of a button, whether it's for emergency help, deterring a threat, or calming a tense situation.

How POM Safe protects healthcare workers

“The POM helped save my life,” she said, admitting that getting to her phone during the emergency would’ve been impossible.

“There’s no way I could’ve gotten to my phone to dial 911.”

In a real-life case, a woman was attacked in her home. She reached into her pocket & activated her POM device, which connected her to emergency help. The dispatcher’s voice through the device startled the attacker, who fled and was later arrested. 

The best outcome in a potentially violent situation isn’t first responders being able to find you, it’s first responders not needing to be called in the first place. 

Not reactive.

Be proactive.

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— Lauren, Travel Physical Therapist

"With the POM Safe I feel more comfortable to go into neighborhoods I don’t know. If it gets uncomfortable, the Fake Phone Call helps me to get out discreetly."