POM Safe is designed for simplicity: One button, a world of features to help you in any situation.

About Us

The Peace of Mind (POM) Safe Company was founded by AJ Leahy in response to an act of violence that changed his life.

AJ didn’t want anyone else to have the same experience. So he created POM Safe, a system of its own that doesn’t rely on America’s inadequate and underfunded 911 infrastructure.

He soon realized that dispatch was only one part of the many-faceted issue of personal safety, though. A holistic safety device wouldn’t just connect you with help, but would also seek to deter and de-escalate violence. After all, the best outcome for a potentially violent situation isn’t first responders being able to find you—it’s first responders not needing to be called in the first place.

AJ’s vision is to give people innovative technology that will keep them safe—no matter who they are, where they are, or what they’re doing—and to ensure that everyone has the peace of mind they deserve. 

When AJ’s close friend was attacked on a college campus, first responders didn’t have his exact location. The extra time it took responders to reach him contributed to his death, revealing how broken and dangerous our current emergency systems are.

It’s also much more than a simple tool to connect people with first responders—we believe in deterrence and de-escalation, and have designed the POM Safe with these outcomes in mind.

Users in a potentially violent situation can deter or de-escalate by sending a fake phone call to their phone or opening a one-way voice call. And, in the event of an emergency, help is just a button tap away.

Our device allows people to deter, de-escalate, and dispatch help with just a tap. It instantly and discreetly connects people with the help they need, when and where they need it. 

Violence is a fact of too many people’s lives. Healthcare workers are 5x more likely to experience workplace violence than their peers in other industries and are assaulted more often than police officers and prison guards.

In U.S. colleges, 23% of women and 5% of men report sexual assault. Other forms of violence can be far more random. We may not be able to eradicate violence, but we can give people the tools to live a fear-free life.

POM Safe is the go-to personal safety device for healthcare workers, college students, and everyone living their life to the fullest.

POM Safe combines a physical device with an app that bypasses the need to get your phone out and call 911. 

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