How it Works

POM Safe isn't just another mobile app—it’s a discreet device that connects you to 24/7 emergency help.

Emergency help is sent to the user's precise location.

Help Arrives

The user's GPS location and profile information is sent to the dispatcher.

Alert Started

A two-way call is initiated with POM's 24/7 emergency dispatch.

Tap the POM Safe 3x




POM Safe is the only device with built-in, two-way communication that lets the user speak directly to a dispatcher, providing critical context that can be a game-changer when every second counts. 



The Basics

After all, the best 911 call is the one that never happens.

It’s designed with prevention & de-escalation in mind. 

But POM goes beyond just reacting.

Increase your employees’ safety by utilizing information from other organizations and integrating third-party safety data. 

360 Safety Network

Other Lifesaving Features

Access information collected during alerts and use it to prevent future incidents.

Incident Reports

Alert everyone in your organization of a safety issue.

Mass Alerts

Employees can check in & out of appointments to show they're safe, or schedule an alert to activate if they don't reach a destination on time.

Check In & Out

Watch POM in Action