Keeping Mobile Workers Safe: Tracey Hawkins’ Safety Journey

Tracey Hawkins, fondly known as “Tracey, the Safety Lady,” has dedicated over two decades to championing safety across the nation. 

As a real estate agent, entrepreneur, and safety expert, Tracey’s commitment to personal security is unwavering. 

With POM Safe, she’s found a reliable partner to elevate her mission, ensuring that mobile workforce employees across various sectors experience unparalleled safety.

About Tracey

Tracey’s journey began with a desire to make a tangible difference. 

With her background in real estate, she recognized the unique safety challenges faced by agents and home health workers. 

This realization led her to create specialized safety training programs, write for the National Association of REALTORS(R), and even make live TV appearances to share innovative safety solutions. 

Her dedication earned her the title “Tracey, the Safety Lady,” a testament to her expertise and passion.

The Challenge

In her quest to promote safety, Tracey was on the lookout for reliable safety products. She found it challenging to find a tool that was not only effective but also trustworthy. 

With lives potentially on the line, the stakes were high.

The Solution

Tracey’s rigorous vetting process for safety products led her to POM Safe

Impressed by the company’s track record, exceptional customer service, and the product’s reliability, she knew she had found a winner. 

POM Safe stood out as a beacon of hope in the safety landscape, promising and delivering on its claims.

In her safety seminars, Tracey educates real estate agents on maximizing their earnings while ensuring safety. 

She emphasizes the unique features of POM Safe, from its ability to summon law enforcement to its walking escort feature. 

For Tracey, POM Safe is more than just a device; it’s a lifeline.

The Results

Tracey’s endorsement of POM Safe has resonated with many. 

Her favorite feature, the 24/7 live command center assistance, sets POM Safe apart from other safety apps. 

With POM Safe by her side, Tracey confidently navigates her day, knowing that safety is just a tap away.

Inspired by Tracey’s story?

Equip yourself or your team with POM Safe and experience unparalleled safety and peace of mind. 

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