Empowering Survivors with POM: S.O.F.I.A.’s Success Story

Meet our latest POM partner, Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates (S.O.F.I.A.).

S.O.F.I.A. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides domestic violence victims and survivors with assistance and encourages them to be positive, self-sufficient and successful.

We sat down with Cynthia, the founder and executive director of S.O.F.I.A., to learn more about her cause and why she chose to partner with POM Safe.

The Story of S.O.F.I.A.

S.O.F.I.A. is more than just a nonprofit; it’s a movement. Through the S.O.F.I.A. Success Center, they offer free workshops aimed at emotional healing and financial independence. At the heart of this organization is Cynthia, its founder and executive director.

Cynthia’s passion for community service led her to establish S.O.F.I.A. The tragic incident of Monica Paul’s murder in 2008 was a turning point. Realizing the lack of support for domestic violence victims, Cynthia took the initiative to become a Certified Domestic Violence Advocate and laid the foundation for S.O.F.I.A.

The Challenge 

While S.O.F.I.A. was making strides in emotional healing and financial independence, there was a pressing need for tangible safety solutions. 

The challenge was to find a reliable safety tool that could be easily integrated into the lives of the survivors they support.

The Solution

In their search for a safety solution, S.O.F.I.A. discovered POM Safe

While there were other safety devices in the market, POM stood out with its unique features, especially the triple tap emergency alert. 

The decision was clear: POM Safe was the perfect partner for S.O.F.I.A.’s mission.

S.O.F.I.A. integrated POM Safe into their programs, providing survivors with a tangible tool for safety. 

Cynthia personally uses POM during her nighttime walks, emphasizing its ease of use. 

“It’s comforting knowing it’s available,” she remarks, highlighting the product’s impact.

The Results

The partnership with POM Safe has been transformative for S.O.F.I.A. 

Not only has it enhanced the safety of the survivors, but it’s made them feel empowered & helped to give them the confidence to rebuild their lives. 

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many survivors expressing their gratitude for the added layer of security.

Inspired by S.O.F.I.A.’s success story?

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If you or someone you know is a victim of and/or a survivor of domestic violence, please reach out to S.O.F.I.A. or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7232.