Campus Safety Case Study - Creighton University and POM Safe

How Creighton Decreased Campus Assaults by 66% with POM Safe

Like many colleges across the US, campus safety is a top priority for Creighton University.

Not only is it the number one concern of parents when sending their children to school, but more than 82% of college students report feeling concerned about their personal safety on campus.

Creighton got creative and took an innovative approach to safety — one that has significantly decreased on-campus assaults, reinforced their reputation for prioritizing safety, and set a new standard for colleges and universities across the country.

The Campus Safety Challenge

Creighton’s Senior Director of Public Safety, Michael D. Reiner, knew that their existing safety measures were outdated and ineffective. The blue light phones placed on Creighton’s campus cost thousands to maintain and hadn’t been used for a legitimate emergency call in over a decade.

Mobile safety apps have also emerged as a safety option for campuses, but Reiner knew they had significant limitations. Smartphones can distract students from noticing danger, and Nebraska’s cold winters make touchscreens difficult to use with gloves. 

Plus, in order to use an app in an emergency, the student’s phone would have to be in their hand, unlocked, and have the safety app open, which is impractical during an emergency.

Reiner wanted a solution that was agile, easy to use, and effective both on and off campus.

POM Safe: A Proven, Practical Solution

After a lot of research and a series of rigorous tests, Creighton leaders made the unanimous decision to implement POM Safe as their safety solution.

POM Safe is the only device with built-in, two-way communication that lets the user speak directly to a dispatcher, providing critical context that can be a game-changer when every second counts. 

In an emergency, POM Safe:

  • Opens a two-way emergency call with a professional dispatcher.
  • Sends the user’s GPS location and medical profile to the dispatcher.
  • Notifies your organization or designated contacts.

But POM goes beyond just reacting; it’s designed with prevention & de-escalation in mind. After all, the best 911 call is the one that never happens.

Just a few of POM Safe’s proactive safety features include:

  • Fake Phone Call: Creates a diversion to escape unsafe situations.
  • Auto-Text: Sends a pre-written message with a single tap.
  • Virtual Check-In: Sends an alert if the user doesn’t reach their destination.

And there’s no installation or complex integration needed, a huge perk for large organizations. POM Safe is ready to use right out of the box. 

The Impact: A Drastic Decrease in Campus Assaults

Since its implementation in 2018, over 2,250 POMs have been distributed at Creighton, and aggravated assaults have decreased by 66%.

The device has been used over 700 times, successfully resolving two critical situations—an assault and a medical emergency. 

Surveys show that 84% of students carry the POM regularly, and 72% report feeling safer with it.

Creighton University’s experience with POM Safe has not only enhanced the sense of security among students but has also garnered positive press, reinforcing the school’s reputation for prioritizing safety. 

Secure Your Campus with POM Safe

If you’re looking to modernize your safety infrastructure, POM Safe offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative that goes beyond traditional methods. It’s not just about reacting to emergencies; it’s about creating an environment where everyone feels secure, every day.

Request more information or schedule a call with our team to learn more about how POM can help your organization.